Mustafa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, which he earned from Queen Mary, University of London in 2022. His international education instilled a global perspective that he now applies to our business strategy.

His professional journey commenced with a commitment to preserving and evolving his family’s legacy. Mustafa began managing operations at Allied Marketing Pvt, a business with a remarkable history spanning over 125 years. His strategic foresight and dedication to modernizing the company have been instrumental in its continued success.

In 2020, Mustafa co-founded “Cotton Candid,” an apparel startup, in collaboration with his sister. Here, he actively oversees the design and delivery of apparel products, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation.

As a founding partner of HRS Camp, Mustafa Hasnain takes on the pivotal role of Chief Executive Officer. His passion for technology and his commitment to incorporating the latest advancements into our business model are central to our mission of bridging the gap between employers and employees.

Mustafa’s dedication to personal growth and self-improvement is evident in his pursuits outside of the corporate world. He is an avid music producer and an enthusiastic reader, particularly in the fields of human behavior and personal development. His diverse interests mirror our holistic approach to HR solutions.

With Mustafa Hasnain’s visionary leadership, HRS Camp is poised for remarkable growth, driven by innovation and a commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of businesses and individuals.